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At Surrogacy point, we believe in offering the most advanced surrogacy arrangement and IVF treatments to tackle the infertility issues within your lives. Our mission is further supported by a trained team of high end professionals which are backed by all the knowledge based experience in the same domain. To ensure the best treatment and consultation to all our clients, we have further tied up with some of the best Infertility clinics and surrogacy centers across the globe.

List of Treatments available with surrogacy point

IVF and fertility treatments

While IVF has marred the lives of thousands of couples around, our best in class IVF and fertility treatments can help you in combating the same. From the initial consultation till the completion of the treatment process, you can stay assured of getting the best support and assistance at every step. We have tied up with some of the best Surrogacy clinics and IVF centers across the globe to get you the best medical treatment and services around.


Pre-Implantation genetic Diagnosis can be termed as one of the most used techniques in order to diagnose and screen any type of genetic defects within the embryos during the IVF treatment. It further helps you in checking the quality of the embryo which is going to develop during the fertilization process.


Pre implantation genetic screening is often been quoted as the best diagnosis option for every couple around the world who are interested in checking their child for any kind of genetic health issue or given complications. The Screening usually takes place right before the IVF cycle and appears good for all the couples who got plans to have a child via IVF and want to check the possibility of any given genetic complications in the coming child.

Surrogacy In IndiaIUI

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a process which includes the careful placement of the sperm into the pregnant women’s uterus during the time of Ovulation. Moreover, it’s highly been brought in use by couples who are coming along with certain infertility issues (with females experiencing cervical mucus issues). Usually, IUI can be brought in use along with certain ovulation stimulating drugs and it can also be used along with the sperm of the male partner.

Assisted hatching

Assisted Hatching comes as a process which is generally been used to brought to further facilitate the process of embryo implantation right to the womb of the women undergoing the IVF treatment. Although it may seem like a simple process at the start, the process would include loads of steps during the same journey.


Blastocyst is highly famous as one of the most talked about medical terminology which generally gets associated with the implantation process in the IVF treatment. Although many people would term it as just another part of the overall IVF process, it has played a big role in the achievement of pregnancy. At Surrogacy point, we have the best team of doctors to take your IVF journey along with the right medical knowledge and support.

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