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Egg donation is generally been known as a process where a fertile woman donates her eggs, or oocyte, to the recipient in order to let the recipient conceive in the process. The process is generally brought into use under the IVF treatment in cases where the woman under treatment is not been able to conceive naturally due to her random infertility issues.

Once an egg donor apply for the egg donation process, she needs to go through a series of random test and diagnosis in order to get her mental and physical health evaluated for the egg donation process Once through, she will then be brouglrt on board to match with the recipient’s requirements and the egg donation process will then go forward from there onwards.

Criteria to become an Egg Donor

All those candidates who are applying to become an egg donor must be within the age group of 21-35 and coming along with the right physical and mental health.
  • An egg donor must be carrying the right BMI (Body Mass Index).
  • She must not be addicted to smoking or Alcohol or any kind of drugs.
  • The applicant must be willing to put forward her complete medical history which must be coming along with all the details regarding her physical and mental health, gynecological history, surgeries and history of her family’s health alongside.
  • The Egg donor applicant must also be willing to go through any required gynecological examination.
  • She must also be prepared to get along with any required tests and diagnosis to evaluate her physical and mental health along with her sexual and genetic conditions alongside.
  • The egg donor must be getting all the support from her family for the egg donation process and she must be mentally and physically prepared for every related aspect in the same regards.

Egg donations options

Once a couple looks forward to getting an egg donor for their IVF treatment or Surrogacy arrangement, they get through a number of options to choose from.

Anonymous donors:

The egg donors’ from this category generally remain anonymous as per the contract they have agreed with the surrogacy agency or the intended parents. The couples would be made available with all the required information about the physical and mental health of the egg donor but they will not be meeting up with the donor in this kind of arrangement.

Known donors:

This includes a known friend, a sister or a loved one who is willing to donate her eggs to the couple in the surrogacy process. These categories of donors are known as donors. These donors have to abide by certain regulations and criteria to fulfill in regards to the whole egg donations process.

Our commitment!

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