Surrogacy Point

Legal process

Our process kick starts after the receipt of the Parent Application Form or a Phone call from the Intended parents and we take it further with the help of our partnered IVF Clinics who will then assist and guide you at every step during your surrogacy journey

Once we get through with your specific requirements, we then consult it with our partner clinic, surrogates, egg donors and other major role players in your surrogacy journey to plan it accordingly. For us, every client and their specific case is a special one and we give utmost priority to each and everyone according to their specific requirements. Get through our below mentioned process and let us know with all your queries and questions in the same regards.

Major highlights of the Initial Process

  • You will be getting the first consultation free form any of our partnered IVF clinics and will be contacted within the 48 hours of your initial contact.
  • Once you have made up your mind to get on board with us, we will then start the process of locating & screening of an Egg Donor and a Surrogate right as per your specific requirements. During the same process, we will also be getting readied with all the required agreements and contractual part which will then be signed by all the involved parties. This will then be followed by the first installment of the payment and the creation of Escrow accounts, Insurance for the Surrogate and so on.
  • The work process would then be including the meet ups session with the IPs, Surrogates, Egg Donor and the IVF clinic in order to ascertain your visit, Surrogate and ED cycles.
  • Surrogacy Point will also be assigning an English speaking driver/guide to be with IPs (when and wherever required) in the respective countries. They would help you around in ever terms whether it’s about sightseeing or getting information regarding any other plans. You will be provided with an airport pickup and our representative will be there to support you at every step
  • Once the IVF process gets through and the surrogate mother become pregnant, the IVF clinic will accommodate the Surrogate in a purpose-built hostel in order to ensure that the surrogate mother will be living in a clean and, stress-free environment.
  • The Same hostel would also be having a dedicated Domestic help and cook at the service of the surrogate round the clock.
  • After the 2nd trimester kick starts for the surrogate, the second installment for her compensation needs to be released and same then needs to be followed by the 3rd and final payment prior to the start of the third and final trimester.
  • You will be getting our continuous support and guidance during the same process and we will also take care of the Surrogate mother. There will also be other services alongside like coordinating with the clinic and the Immigration authorities to arrange for the passport or a VISA for the newborn.
  • Even when the IPs leaves from the country, we ensure making the right arrangements for the IPs to return favors to the surrogate mother so as she won’t feel like been used to carry the child.
We have further tied up with some of the Non Governmental organizations to offer all the required assistance to the IPs and they might not get to pay the whole amount to surrogate during the surrogacy journey.
Surrogacy Point