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surrogacy process in indiaSurrogacy has come over as one of the most helpful aspects to all the couples struggling farm infertility in the past few years and it has helped them big time in achieving their dream of parenthood in the process. Even though there are still many myths regarding surrogacy which are prevalent in society, education and awareness regarding the same have helped many couples to overcome the infertility issues within their Lives. Connecting with us is extremely easy. We are available via call, email as well as online communication. You can connect with our experts. discuss your case.

Types of Surrogacy

Talking about different types of surrogacy, Gestational surrogacy and Traditional surrogacy are the most commonly practiced types of surrogacy around the world.

Gestational surrogacy:

Gestational surrogacy comes as the most popular surrogacy arrangement where the embryo is created and developed in a lab dish after mixing the sperm and egg derived from the intended parents. This embryo is then been placed in the womb of the surrogate mother and she will be carrying the baby for the intended parents in the process. The arrangement is largely been practiced due to the fact of the fact that the surrogate mother will not be having any biological connection with the future child.

Traditional surrogacy:

In this surrogacy arrangement, the sperm of the intended father is been placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother and she conceives the baby natural way for the intended parents. Since the eggs of the surrogate mother is been used, she will be having a genetic connection with the future child hereby.


Looking for the surrogate mother

Once the couples have made up their mind in accordance to look for a surrogacy arrangement, one of the first things they have to do is look out for a surrogate mother for their specific arrangement. This can be done by searching someone forms their own friends and family networks. even approaching via Social media forms and groups.

Screening and matching the surrogate mother

The surrogate mother needs be matched first with the needs and requirements of the intended parents and only then she can be brought forward for the further screening process. During the screening process, she will be diagnosed and tested for any kind of health or Psychological issues within so as to secure the physical and mental health of the future child.

Getting through with all the agreements and legal process

Next comes the legal agreement which has to be signed by both the parties in accordance with the existing Laws of the country where the surrogacy is been pursued. This agreement would work as proof of mutual trust shown by both the parties in case of any issue or dispute coming forward during the surrogacy program. Moreover, it will also safeguard the rights and compensation to the surrogate mother for her services. the Intended parents in the process.

Embryo transfer process

Once the surrogate mother is been screened and diagnosed for any health complications, she will then be taken through the medical treatments antl procedures of the surrogacy process with the help of an IVF clinic. This would include the creation and development of the embryo in a lab dish (gestational surrogacy) antl then transferring it into the womb of the surrogate mother to Let her conceive for the intended parents.

Claiming the legal custody of the child

It all depends on the surrogacy laws of a particular country and the intended parents might need to file for the custody of the child when and wherever required. This can be done with the help of legal professional around and once through, the intended parents can take the child along with them to their country.

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