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Assisted Hatching

laser assisted hatching ivfAssisted Hatching is a process which is usually been brought into use to facilitate the overall process of embryo implantation to the womb of the women going under the IVF treatment. Though it may look straightforward in the first instance, the process involves a number of steps during the course of the whole journey. This is why it’s always been recommended that the couple must stay patient and calm during the IVF treatment process.

What actually is assisted hatching?

Assisted hatching is one of the core processes in the IVF treatment which is been conducted in a laboratory .As we understand that the IVF process is mostly about mixing the female eggs with the male sperms in a lab dish, the resultant fertilized eggs are then been observed for a period of 3 to 6 days until they become an embryo. It is only after the embryos are fertilized and developed, they get transferred to the womb of the patient under treatment.

On the other side, once the embryos assisted hatching gets through the developmental process, it gets surrounded by a protective shell of cells (zona pellucid) which keeps on breaking until the embryo grows to its full state. That’s where the doctors might need to create a small crack in the outer shell of the embryo right before it gets implanted into the womb of the women. This process is generally known as assisted hatching.

embryos assisted hatching

Importance of Assisted hatching

  • Hatching plays a major role in most of the successful pregnancies and births but assisted hatching has to be brought into practice once the embryos doesn’t hatch on their own
  • Assisted hatching comes best for all those women which have been through two or more than two unsuccessful IVF cycles
  • Assisted hatching proves beneficial for all the women which are aged beyond 35 years
  • The patients might go through situations where the embryos will be coming along certain abnormalities like thick outer wall, on the course of IVF treatment. Assisted hatching is really helpful in all such cases.

Why Surrogacy point is best for assisted hatching?

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