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implantation of blastocystSurrogacy Point realized the potential of this technology early and made sure that it was added to our repertoire of facilities and services. Blastocyst is renowned as another very famous medical terminology associated with the implantation process in the IVF treatment. Whilst many term it as just another part of the overall IVF process, it has proved to be playing a crucial role in the achievement of pregnancy eventually. Still the methodology has been brought into practice only after the recent advancements in the technology which now facilitate the artificially fertilized egg to develop into a blastocyst stage within the cell culture.

Here at surrogacy point, we have identified the relevance of Blastocyst as a major element of success for your IVF journey and therefore bring you the best and most advanced Blastocyst culture services at our partnered surrogacy agencies and IVF centers.

Benefits of Blastocyst

If we talk about the biggest benefit of Blastocyst, it comes from the downside of the IVF process where there are only 20 % to 30% chances of a fertilized egg to reach the blastocyst stage. This is the main reason why most of the implantations in the IVF didn’t go successful in spite of all the efforts and analysis.

blastocyst transfer in ivf

Blastocyst stage generally comes on the fifth day after fertilization and this is also the stage when the developed embryo becomes attached to the uterine walls. Therefore it is been ascertained by medical experts that the fifth-day implantation of the embryo at the Blastocyst stage is the best time for the implantation process of the embryo.

On the other side, 70-80% of successful pregnancies have been reported using the blastocyst technique in most of the surrogacy and IVF cases.

Significance of Blastocyst

While we know that the fertilized eggs reach the blastocyst stage in order to get implanted in the most rightful manner, this technique comes useful mostly to the people who are coming along with a number of eggs and embryos during their IVF treatment. Thus, if the eggs produced by the female under treatment are less then blastocyst transfer would also be requiring more number of attempts to get successful. This is where the doctors have to look into the particular cases and scenarios in order to ascertain whether there is a need of blastocyst culture or not.

Our commitment for you!

Our commitment to all our clients and customers comes along with the quality of services and treatments we deliver. At Surrogacy Point, We always ensure only the best of the services, technology and facilities in partnership with all the surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics associated with us. You may or may not require a particular service or treatment for your specific health issues but we always ensure that it is readily available for you at any given time.

Blastocyst also comes into the category and therefore we offer most advanced blastocyst culture services in partnership with our associated clinics and agencies around the world. Although the call would still go to the doctor whether or not they recommend the blastocyst culture for your specific case, the arrangements will always be there at any given time

So get on board with the best around and call our customer support team for any further query or question!

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