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How does surrogacy in Canada work?

  • Surrogacy in Canada
  • Surrogacy can be quoted as a boon to mankind in the context of increasing fertility issues around in both men and women. Over the past few years, Surrogacy in Canada has been a boom and has become the new surrogacy point for couples, numerous couples have met the happiness of their life in the form of a child via surrogacy and this is where it has come over as a blessing to all of them. Moreover, when we talk about the surrogacy process, it’s generally an arrangement where a surrogate mother would carry the child for the intended parents in return for some compensation.
  • This would come out of a situation where either of the intended parents is not able to carry a child themselves due to infertility or some other reason. Also, the success rate is quite higher in surrogacy and every parent is more or less guaranteed to get a child of their dreams during the course of their surrogacy journey. Here at Surrogacy point, we work with the same notion of bringing surrogacy to a larger group of people across Canada with all the best in class diagnosis and treatments. The cost of surrogacy in canada  would fall in between $8500 and $9000.


Surrogacy laws in Canada

  • Canada has been a country with the highest happiness index around the world and its world class medical facilities can certainly be quoted as one of the reasons in the same regards. On the other side, when it comes to the surrogacy process, commercial surrogacy is completely banned in the country and only altruistic surrogacy is allowed within the Canadian territories.
  • Moreover, the laws in the country regarding surrogacy has ensured that the surrogacy Center in Canada around cannot bring forward certain restricted processes like professional surrogate matching and surrogate cycle management. This is where Surrogacy Point One of the best surrogacy Center in Canada has established a reputation to bring most ethical and affordable surrogacy arrangements to its worldwide clients within the legal implications of the country. All of our services and treatments are world-class whilst being provided under the existing laws and regulations of Canada and this is where surrogacy point standouts form the rest of the surrogacy agencies.
  • Surrogacy laws in Canada

Benefits of Surrogacy in Canada

When it comes to building a family, surrogacy has emerged as a viable and fulfilling option for many couples and individuals around the world. Among the countries that have gained recognition for their favorable surrogacy laws and supportive healthcare systems, Canada stands out as an exceptional choice. The benefits of the Surrogacy clinic in Canada extend far beyond its stunning landscapes and welcoming culture. Let’s delve into the numerous advantages that make surrogacy agencies in Canada a popular and appealing option for hopeful parents.

  • Surrogacy Cost Benefit
The biggest benefit in Canada is low-cost surrogacy with respect to premium agency managed programs in the United States. Surrogacy in United States costs around $90,000 to $1,20,000 USD or more. Whereas the Cost of surrogacy in is about $85,000 CAD which will be around $75,000 USD.    
  • Canadian Citizenship
According to Canadian Surrogacy law, the baby born in Canada through surrogacy will directly be getting Canadian citizenship. New Parents can quickly shift to their baby’s Canadian passport.
  • Medical Costs
Canada also enjoys a national health care service, which covers both the surrogate’s prenatal care and the delivery. This saves the cost of medical treatments during the pregnancy (or the cost of insurance premiums as in the US). However social security of Canada does not cover the child of a foreign citizen, so costs of NICU care or an incubator if the baby arrives prematurely are the responsibility of the parents.


For most couples becoming parents isn’t an easy task whether emotionally or financially and to overcome that we build a system that pushes you into a state of satisfaction with our services. We equally respect the fear and tension you carry as choosing the way of surrogacy is a bit more difficult and for that, you need a proper understanding of all the aspects you’ll go through.

“Research – Convey – Decide – Deliver”
  • The fundamentally set chain of agenda we follow in our process is we first Research all the needed information, risk, and benefits you’ll get while going under the Surrogacy process.
  • Then we convey it to you so that you can get that state of satisfaction you deserve to have while going under the process.
  • Now we leave Deciding up to you as this is the level of independence we believe in offering while taking such a crucial surrogacy decision.
  • And the last comes to deliver where we put all our efforts and expert decision making in making out the best surrogacy results for you.

Our Surrogacy process

We are not just limited to provide initial medical services and treatments and bring you a“start to end” support and assistance during your surrogacy journey. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about taking care of all the legal implications or the existing surrogacy contract between you and the surrogate mother, Surrogacy clinic in Canada our team of medical consultants and experts will be there at your side at every step.

We always keep it nice and simple!

We understand that the surrogacy journey always bring along a lot of pain and stress for you and your partner in the process and this is where you can trust our end to end support and guidance in the course of your surrogacy program. So get on board and contact one of our customer support team member today for a free consultation!

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