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Donor Process

Egg donation is a process in IVF where a fertile woman donates her egg, or oocyte, to another woman in order to let her conceive. Egg donation is required in cases where the woman under treatment is not been able to conceive via her own eggs due to infertility.

Process of Egg donation

Egg donor application and screening process:

Once the applications from egg donors are received, they generally go through an initial screening process and face to face interview with the medical counselor. The screening process will include the complete health and psychological checkup and the interview will be there to analyze the background and history of the egg donor. Once through with all the formalities, the egg donor is then added to our egg donor program and will then be matched with the recipient couple.

egg donation process

Suppression and Ovarian stimulation process:

During this process, the natural cycle of the egg donor is suppressed in order to sync it with the cycle of the women under treatment. Hereby, the egg donor also triggers the ovaries stimulation by taking the daily injection of gonadotropin. The main motive here is to mature more than one egg from the natural cycle.

egg donor program

The endometrial lining development process:

The development for the endometrial lining is really crucial in the donor-recipient in order to make her endometrium feasible enough to facilitate the egg donation process. This is where the recipient is injected with estrogen and progesterone in order to prepare her endometrial lining for implantation.

Ovulation and egg retrieval process:

Once the development of donor eggs gets confirmed with the help of an ultrasound, the ovulation process is triggered with the HCG injection which gets followed by the egg retrieval process after two to three days.

egg donation process

Fertilization and embryo transfer process:

The eggs which are been retrieved from the egg donor are now fertilized with the male sperm in a lab dish and once it gets developed into an embryo, it gets transferred into the uterus of the recipient after 3-4 days.

Medical checkup of the egg donor along with the pregnancy test for the recipient:

Once the embryo transfer process is been through, the donor is been checked for any type of health complication out of egg retrieval or ovarian stimulation and the recipient will be tested for pregnancy after two weeks of the embryo transfer process.

egg donor program

How Surrogacy point can bring you the best of Egg donation services?

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