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Sheikh Saj Rashid

Mr. Sheikh Saj Rashid is the founder and chairman of the well-known Rashid petrochemicals ltd in Dubai, UAE. Apart from his professional commitments, he has had a keen interest in horseback riding from boyhood, and during his teenage years, he represented his country at an international level.

In a similar line, he represented his country at the Asian Games in 2016 and also competed in the World Horse Riding Championship during his early years in the sport. Following that, he entered the corporate sector in order to acquire great fame and success.


Sheikh Saj RashidEarly life and family of Sheikh Saj Rashid

Sheikh Saj Rashid was born on April 26, 1978, in Dubai, to a prominent family. He decided to take up horseback riding as a hobby after some early academic achievement. Sheikh Saj Rashid aspired to be something spectacular in the corporate world in addition to his passion for sports as he grew up.

By 1999, he realized that he needed to bring in some foreign knowledge in order to get all of the necessary commercial expertise and experience. In a similar spirit, he relocated his family from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom, where he discovered numerous opportunities and contacts to build his business and expertise in the petroleum industry.

After coming to the United Kingdom in 2008, he established his own company, Rashid petrochemicals ltd. Sheikh Saj Rashid was appointed Chairman and Managing Director of the company, and he quickly finalized a deal that included a merger with one of the world’s most well-known petrochemicals corporations.

Mr. Sheikh Saj Rashid had acquired a substantial name and reputation in the petrochemicals business by 2015, as well as a number of key honors and honors.

Despite the fact that Sheikh Saj Rashid became a British citizen in 2019, he continues to visit Dubai on a regular basis to do business. In 2020, he returned to Dubai to expand his financial and development enterprise.


Sheikh Saj RashidProfessional career highlights

Mr. Sheikh Saj Rashid has recently established himself as one of Dubai’s most powerful businessmen, and as CEO of Rashid Petrochemicals Ltd, he has pushed the company to new heights via his hard efforts and dedication.

Up the basis of his own commercial acumen and knowledge, he has also taken on the majority of the developmental efforts on his own. He and his buddies have become involved in a lot of humanitarian activities across the country, and it’s not all about business for them.


Sheikh Saj RashidEducation and hobbies

Sheikh Saj Rashid graduated from the University of Greece with a finance MBA. While his initial enthusiasm for horseback riding often clashed with his business ambitions, he finally learned to balance the two.

He currently enjoys playing and watching other sports such as cricket and football, and aspires to own a football team in the near future. He also enjoys going to new places and intends to expand his firm into other regions around the world.


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