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Gay surrogacy services have always been a subject of argument in many countries around the world, and this is the reason why they’re still prohibited in most of the countries like India. Still, there is a long way to go for gay surrogacy, and the right education and awareness are required in order to make people get away with all the myths and conservative approaches. We always carry the belief that the parenting dreams of a person are way beyond their sexual orientation, and this is the reason we always bring on the same approach while bringing on the best surrogacy arrangement for couples, single parents, or even a gay parent alongside.

Gay surrogacy process

Gay Surrogacy treatment is a popular option for all gay couples who would like to have their own children with a biological connection. Moreover, it always comes as a great alternative for all the Lesbian couples who want to have their child without conceiving, and this can be quoted as the biggest reason for its popularity amongst both gay and lesbian couples. In LGBT surrogacy, pregnancy is achieved with the help of an egg donor, a gestational carrier, and in vitro fertilization (IVF), and the whole surrogacy process would stay the same as in other cases. Still, there is a certain decision that needs to be made by LGBTQ couples before pursuing surrogacy.

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Making decisions about the genetic connection with the child-

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When it comes to surrogacy for gay couples, eggs and sperm from both partners get used to create and develop the embryo, and the same embryo then gets placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother eventually. However, in surrogacy for gay couples, it all depends on the choice of the Intended fathers, whether they want the sperm from one or both to be used in order to get along with the same process.

This generally happens in those cases where one or both of the intended fathers want to become the biological father of the future child and options are available for them at Surrogacy point in the same regards.

Selecting a known or anonymous donor-

There are instances where the intended parents and the surrogacy agency won’t be disclosing the name of the egg and sperm donor and the donor would then be considered as anonymous. On the other side, there has been a surrogacy agency who doesn’t keep their egg and sperm donors anonymous and the intended parents have the choice of interacting with them for their surrogacy program.

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