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What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a method of (Rent a Womb) a assisted reproduction where Couples work with a gestational surrogate who will carry and care for their baby(ies) until birth. Its mostly opted by parents who can no carry a pregnancy for full term.


Surrogacy services at Surrogacy point

Surrogacy has brought a big ray of hope to all those couples, who were earlier been struggling for a lifelong solution to their infertility issues. Even though IVF and other treatment options have tried to combat the same issue to a big extent, the limited success rate with these has always been an issue. This is where Surrogacy point has delivered big time, whilst bringing the best surrogacy solutions to numerous people across the globe. With the quality of succession in our services, we’ve been able to please thousands of patients till now and the count goes on. Choosing surrogacy and availing of it is not the hardest option to take now but getting it with quality service and a high success ratio is the challenge and that’s what we at Surrogacy Point are accomplishing with our rich in experience experts.

Types of Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy and Gestational surrogacy comes as two of the most sought after surrogacy arrangements across various parts of the globe.

Talking about the traditional surrogacy, the egg belonging to the surrogate mother, along with the sperm derived from the intended father is being used to form an embryo of the child. This process is either going to be carried out either through the intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization process in an IVF clinic. On the other side, gestational surrogacy includes using Intended parent’s own sperm and eggs in order to create the embryo.

Traditional surrogacy was quite popular during the past 20-30 years when people were new to this concept altogether. It was recently when Gestational surrogacy got introduced and it got popular due to the fact that the sperm and eggs were derived from the intended parents. Moreover, both the intended parents are biologically connected to the future child and the surrogate mother didn’t have a genetic connection like Traditional surrogacy.

So, while you don’t know which surrogacy type suits best to your requirements, let us get the same sorted for you.


IVF & Fertility

In-vitro-Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most sought after infertility treatment where the fertility specialist firstly takes the eggs from the ovaries with the help of a surgical needle and then fertilizes


Pre-Implantation genetic Diagnosis is one of the most commonly used techniques to screen and diagnose any sort of genetic defects in the embryos during the IVF treatment.


Pre implantation genetic screening has come up as one of the best diagnosis for all the couples around the world who would like to check their future child for any kind of genetic health issue or complications.


IUI (intrauterine insemination) can be termed as a procedure which includes the placement of the sperm into the uterus of the women at the time of Ovulation. Moreover it’s been generally

Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching is a process which is usually been brought into use to facilitate the overall process of embryo implantation to the womb of the women going under the IVF treatment.


Surrogacy Point realized the potential of this technology early and made sure that it was added to our repertoire of facilities and services. Blastocyst is renowned as another very famous medical

Traditional Surrogacy
  • If the surrogate mother comes within any relation of the intended parents, traditional surrogacy can offer a biological link which might not come possible in the case of a donated egg. Moreover, if the intended parents come over as a same-sex male couple, a single male parent or a heterosexual couples, traditional surrogacy may offer the biological connection they require
  • For all those intended parents who cannot locate an egg donor as per their preference and don’t also want to bring any anonymous donor on board, traditional surrogacy comes best.
Gestational Surrogacy
  • All those intended parents and surrogate mothers who really don’t want to involve in the legal and emotional implications of a traditional surrogacy, can opt for gestational surrogacy.
  • If traditional surrogacy is not permitted within the legal territories of the surrogate’s state, the intended parents may need to get along with a gestational surrogacy arrangement.
  • Intended mothers can get biologically connected to their future child via gestational surrogacy
  • All those Intended parents who have some extra embryos leftover from the previous IVF treatments can bring them in use via gestational surrogacy.
At Surrogacy point, you can always expect the best surrogacy arrangement as per your specific needs and requirements. In order to bring you the best medical support and assistance during the surrogacy process, we have further tied up with some of the best IVF clinics and medical consultants across the globe.

We’re here to support you during these uncertain times. we encourage you to start your journey to becoming a parent or surrogate today

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