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PGD (Pre-Implantation genetic Diagnosis)

PGD treatment clinic in indiaPre- Implantation genetic Diagnosis is one of the most commonly used techniques to screen and diagnose any sort of genetic defects in the embryos during the IVF treatment. Moreover, it also helps you to check the quality of the embryo which is getting developed during the fertilization process.

How PGD process works?

  • Initially, some of the cells get extracted from the embryos (which get developed for 5 days) with the help of a micro surgical process. Once the cell collection process is over, the remaining ones get preserved for future use.
  • The DNA of the cells gets evaluated in order to check any sort of inherited health issue and the whole process takes around 5 days.
  • After its been ascertained that the embryos are free from any sort of genetic issue, same gets implanted into the uterus and the medical specialist then need to wait for the pregnancy to occur thereafter.
  • Embryos which aren’t carrying any genetic issue along gets through the implantation process and the rest of the embryos get preserved for the future use via Cryopreservation.
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Relevance of PGD during the IVF Treatment

  • PGD comes as one of the best procedures in order to check for any type of genetic issues within the embryos before they get used for IVF treatment process.
  • One of the best screening process to check for infertility issues within the mid aged women
  • PGD also proves to be the best available option for all those women who have been through the IVF treatment before without actually achieving nay fruitful result
  • It’s beneficial for all those women who have been diagnosed with any sort of genetic or chromosomal issues during their pregnancy process.
  • All those women who are experiencing single gene mutations can reap lots of benefits via PGD as this would avoid the passing of the same issue to the future child.
  • PGD also support and assist the overall pre- implantation process and further ensure a safe and smooth delivery of the future child
  • It also ensures that the future child would be coming out off any sort of genetic or chromosomal issues.
  • If there are any existing issues with the parental genes, it can be diagnosed and checked during the PGD process.

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