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IUI (intrauterine insemination) at Surrogacy point

IUI treatment processWhen we talk about the process, IUI (intrauterine insemination) can be termed as a procedure which includes the placement of the sperm into the uterus of the women at the time of Ovulation. Moreover it’s been generally used for the couples who are going through certain infertility issues along with women coming with cervical mucus issues. Usually, it’s been performed along with certain ovulation stimulating drugs and it can also be carried down whilst using the sperm of the male partner.

Moreover, the women must be screened for any sort of hormonal imbalance issues, infections, or health ailments before IUI, as that might create several health complications during the whole IUI treatment process.

IUI is generally been advised for male or female partners who are experiencing the following health issues:

  • Males partners who are going through certain infertility issues like low sperm counts, low quality sperm or sperms with poor motility
  • Males or female who are experiencing certain unexplained infertility issues
  • All those couples who are bringing a sperm donor in use for IVF
  • All those couples who have gone through with unsuccessful IVF treatments in the past
  • Male and female partners who facing issues with their sexual intercourse process (generally known as sexual dysfunction)
  • All those couples going through various unexplained issues during their sexual intercourse sessions whilst going through certain fertility medications or IUI

iui treatment for pregnancy

When can IUI be performed?

IUI can be brought in practice whilst the woman is going through her ovulation cycle along with the combination of fertility drugs she is taking in order to stimulate her ovaries during the IVF treatment. Moreover, as per the studies carried upon the same, it’s been claimed that going through IUI along with several other fertility drugs would eventually increase a women’s chances of conceiving.

On the other side, IUI is generally been brought into use near to the Ovulation cycle and the patient or the physician can surely ascertain the timings of the same whilst using some ovulation predictor kits or fertility monitors. This must be followed alongside close monitoring of the same process via ultrasound and/or hormone testing. It has further been acclaimed by several studies in the same regards that IUI also pushes the chances of conception during the initial 3-4 months in case the couples are not been able to conceive due to their infertility issues.

Why you must choose Bangkok surrogacy for IUI?

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