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Rishi Tandon

Rishi Tandon serves as the company chief operating officer for Hisense, a well-known manufacturer of electronics and home appliances in India.


Educational qualifications of Rishi Tandon


  • Rishi TandonAt the Institute of Management Studies in Ghaziabad, he studied finance and marketing.
  • Additionally, he has a B. Com. (Hons.) in statistics and accounting.
  • Tandon has taken part in many different training courses. He went to the IIM Indore Executive Development Plan course, one of these.
  • Tandan additionally took part in the Ram Charan Executive Leadership Program, a 30-day South Korean program for aspiring leaders, a 15-day Tokyo program on advanced product management techniques, and an IIM Lucknow program on “how to integrate product brand and marketing.”


Business achievements and accomplishments of Rishi TondonRishi Tandon

  • With more than 20 years of experience, he is a dynamic leader who has worked on everything from start-up projects to deals worth more than 6,000 crores. Additionally, he oversaw the profit and loss statements.
  • Market strategy, product development, sales, channel management, impact marketing, business finance, supply chain management, after-sales service, and long-term vision and strategy formulation are among the areas in which Tandon is an expert.
  • Rishi Tandan has put a lot of effort into achieving successful business outcomes. He was able to do this by making use of his strategic understanding of market trends and consumer behavior.
  • By consistently outperforming the competition through product differentiation, marketing, and operational innovation, Tandon showed that the business world necessitates the acquisition of many different types of skills.
  • By providing executive-level leadership in fostering business ties, resolving disputes, and boosting market share through continuous improvement, Rishi Tandon established himself as a trailblazer.


Rishi TondonRishi TondonRishi Tandonrishi tandon hisense

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